Lake Acworth

Welcome to the first in the series Together Is Our Favorite Place; where I go scout out all the most interesting locations for both Elopements and Weddings in the greater Atlanta area to familiarize myself with the area, while providing information, personal opinion, and photos, so couples can have a head start in trying to decide where they want to profess their love to each other.

Let's get started. 

With both elopements and weddings, couples often choose a location or venue that is personally meaningful to them. Often times, it is a place of a first date, or first kiss, but locations can also just be chosen because of its beautiful backdrop or aesthetic. In current times with covid-19 ruining even the best planned weddings and elopements, choosing a location has gotten even more difficult. First choices are often too dangerous or flat out closed to the public leaving Brides and Grooms scrambling to find a place to hold their special event.  

Because we still have love in the time of the Corona Virus, I will be focusing a little more on outdoor elopement and wedding locations, just for now. We all want to have a beautiful event while keeping everyone safe. 

With this in mind, the first place I decided to showcase is one that I believe might be overlooked under normal circumstances, as it is a bit small; however, it has a lot of really great qualities and scenery all while located very close into the Kennesaw/Acworth area. 



Nestled in an adorable neighborhood full of renovated 1920's houses, only a short walk away from the eclectic yet charming downtown, is Lake Acworth. Originally created when a second dam was petitioned after the creation of Lake Allatoona, Lake Acworth is a charming body of water with a unique secret: a white sand beach on the north side of Lake. This area is called Cauble Park, and no, it is not a natural white sand, but its maintenance creates a very persuasive beach setting in the middle of the suburbs. If that destination wedding where you say your vows with your toes in the sand got cancelled this year, Acworth could be a very good choice if you are done with waiting. 

In addition to the white sand beach, Cauble Park in Lake Acworth has a ton of very attractive structures throughout. Very picturesque bridges, with beautiful water backdrops. 

My personal favorite is a square dock that screams out for a couple to say I do. I can see a bride and groom there already. 

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If your idea of elopement is in the trees, but you are unsure about getting there in a white dress, Lake Acworth in Cauble Park has a solution for you as well. Very close to a parking lot, with a paved path to get you into nature, is a lovely stand of trees. With a little angle work, it could give you a really nice backdrop that makes it look like you hiked for miles, but without the stress of having to worry about keeping that dress clean. 

Inside the Stand of Trees of Lake Acworth's East Shore- Photos by Bretfeld Photography

I took these pictures in the winter time, meaning that this is the least lovely it will look. It will only get more amazing as the seasons change and the leaves come into the their vibrant new leaf greens. 

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I even called the Parks and Recreation in Acworth to get more information about the logistics of holding an elopement or micro wedding in in Cauble Park. They were super helpful and gave some really good news for couples wanting a very small event on a budget. You do not need to rent out or pay anything to elope here. Now remember that it is a public park and if you don't reserve a structure, it will be on a first come first serve basis. The good news is if that if you wanted to hold a bigger event outdoors, you can rent out specific areas for pretty reasonable prices. 

Rentals and Prices for Acworth Parks and Recreation.

 On this page there is also a link to the Parks Wedding guidelines that will help you figure out of this is the right place for you. 

Lake Acworth-TLDR: Very conveniently located, with an amazing variety of locations to take pictures and have your small ceremony. Depending on the size of your party and your flexibility of when you hold the ceremony, Lake Acworth could be a free place to elope. Beautiful even in winter, Lake Acworth is a hidden gem for elopements and micro weddings.