A new adventure

It wasn't long after moving to Kennesaw, Georgia, that I decided to take a gigantic leap of faith. Not a small jump like changing hair stylists, or trying out a new mascara, but a massive earth changing shift. I would start my own business. I would follow my artistic dreams of becoming a full time wedding photographer.

I was sitting in a small studio apartment we rented while looking for a house while finishing up the grading for my online class that I was teaching over the summer, when it hit me. It was now or never. I was going to start my business in wedding photography now, or I was never going to do it. 

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like photography was a new thing for me. I had been photographing weddings and elopements part time over the summer breaks for years in Colorado, and it was a nice change of pace from the heady lecture of a classroom. However, creating a business on my own and putting teaching behind me was a little daunting. But, it was the perfect time; my husband had gotten a professorship at the local university, and I had the amazing opportunity to really dedicate my time and energy to making something all my own, something epic. And so I started Bretfeld Photography in Georgia.

Being a storyteller at heart, it felt right to share this experience and the steps in this new and exciting journey. One that, I hope, I can look back and reflect on and others might learn from. I expect topics in this blog to range from, scouting potential ceremony locations, creating checklist for photo shoots, general discussions about wedding photography etiquette, and Photoshop and Lightroom and what they do. I want to create a place for people to get information about wedding photography and important topics pertaining to photography in general. The more we lift the veil on what we do and how we do it, the better you can be informed when making important decisions on what kind of coverage you want on your special day and who you want to document that important moment for you. 

Up Next: Be on the look out for upcoming features on great places for small elopements, as I explore the surrounding areas of Kennesaw with a keen eye for beautiful and convenient locations to have small ceremonies. As well as, finding the more established and larger venues. The more homework I do to learn the area, the less you have to do when beginning your search for the perfect spot for your special day. 

Watch out Hotlanta... I mean, Atlanta I am here.